Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Song of the Day: "Chasing the Sun"

Despite my assurances that I am a tastemaker when it comes to music (and I am, I assure you -- would they let me have a blog if I wasn't?) not everyone loves every song I post. So I was really heartened that John, a snobby former college DJ in his own right, seems have embraced The Wanted's "Glad You Came (Love Theme for an Exhausted Bottom)" as a new favorite.

And because John takes music every bit as seriously as me, I can assure you that his enthusiasm for the song is based on its merits (it's totally tribal) and not the relative fuck-a-bility (fuck-able-ness?) of any one/combination/all of the bands members (who, yes, technically are all reasonably good looking young men, but that is a coincidence more than anything). And to prove that point, let's do double or nothing with a truly new song from The Wanted, from their EP called The Wanted which is The Wanted's US and Canadian debut release.

Some will be critical of the song, thinking is the exact same song. To that I say it's less tribal but certainly similar, and will make for a great mega-mix in 3 years when half the guys are touring mall openings in Russia, South Africa and Brazil.

Others will say that should have had at least some shirtless dudes in it. Personally I find that idea as preposterous as the idea of a "tv room" -- a tv can go in any room, and there's always room for some or more shirtless dudes (even Schindler's List although I don't actually have a specific scene, but I'm pretty sure I could make it work).

And if you happen to be in Fort Lauderdale this week (or any week), check out the International Swimming Hall of Fame on Fort Lauderdale Beach (2 blocks south of Las Olas Boulevard between the Intracoastal  and A1A ["Beachfront Avenue!"]). You'll be glad you came.

Song of the Day: "Chasing the Sun"
Artist: The Wanted

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