Saturday, June 1, 2019

Song of the Day: "With My Whole Heart"

The adorable, yet annoyingly precocious Sufjan Stevens has released 2 new songs in honor of Pride month:

1. because of course, he did
2. because you know all teh gayz were just sitting around clamoring for new music from NOT LADY GAGA (cue: crickets)
3. "no really, who is this again?"
4. I'm pretty sure Sufjan isn't gay or bi (but who knows, he mightly like the GQ+BLT lunch special--he's certainly welcome--he just seems like someone so thoughtful and prone to prodigious output, so why not do Pride music; and Puerto Rican day music; and Bastille day music; etc.

In addition to this track, he also released "Love Yourself" and I promise never to confuse the 2 and call them "Love Your Hole."


Song: "With My Whole Heart"
Artist: Sufjan Stevens

Friday, May 31, 2019

Song of the Day: "Never Really Over"

I've been listening through new summer music and, for the most part, yawn. I am delighted that Katy Perry came through to delight the absolute fuck out of me with this song.

Well, delight a decent fuck out of me.

Side note: lyrically this is verging on obsession. Next stop: stalking. Just saying.

Song: "Never Really Over"
Artist: Katy Perry