Monday, February 25, 2019

Those Were the Droids You Were Looking For!

I never understood why a protocol droid would need to understand a language specific to moisture vaporators. Or why it wouldn't converse with an R2 unit in what is apparently the only language an R2 unit can converse in.

Unless for a protocol droid to beep and chirp is cultural appropriation or racist or something.

I sold some of the stuff I got for the kitchen of the back unit at the duplex since I was allowed to take it and since I don't have a place to move yet so taking it was an iffy proposition, but money can be used to by drugs or unnecessary technology from China.

A guy drove to buy the sink from me this afternoon, in the afternoon commute. He then tried to bargain with me, finding fault in the sink's legs and wondering if there were any leaks (at this point the sink was in my driveway).

My assessment of the situation was that he was not going to have driven so long (like an hour+) or so far (almost 8 miles) to have to go home empty handed because I wouldn't knock $20 off the price.

So I said "no" and he paid the full asking price (which was $30 less than a brand new one, although it did include a faucet). Long story short: restaurant-grade prep tables and sinks retain some resale value and are much easier to install than regular ugly cabinets.

You're welcome.