Saturday, February 23, 2019

Song of the Day: "Get My Shit Together"

D.B. Rouse sings about "a dumpster fire of regret" which is relatable, but he sings it seemingly devoid of any actual experience with these regrets.

Don't bother me with regrets you don't actually regret, I don't have time for that.

I need to literally get my shit together (I'm moving this week, and haven't packed much).

Of course, there's a bit of a disappointing clarity that comes from realizing the shit you get together is actually shit. Sigh.

Song: "Get My Shit Together"
Artist: D.B. Rouse

Sunday, February 17, 2019

David Brooks Obscure Words: Dirigistes

Disappointing David Brooks is easy. Every week, something somewhere disappoints him. It's almost like it's his job to express these disappointments every 2 or 3 days.

These days the disappointment is often with the absence of civility in our political discourse. David Brooks will indulge partisan intransigence, so long as it's done respectfully, and while adhering to the orthodoxy.

In "How the Left Embraced Elitism" David Brooks makes it clear that the Green New Deal aka the New Green Deal aka the New Zoo Revue aka How Green Was My New Deal aka Nuevo Trato Verde aka New Deal 2: Now It's Green Time is not adhering to the orthodoxy.

If this was a Sally Field movie it would be called Not Without My Orthodoxy!!!

The Green New Deal eschews capitalism--which has created 20 million jobs in just the last 10 years--and capitalism is teh aweSUM. I mean, don't expect David Brooks to have sufficient awareness to note that these 20 million new jobs have done nothing but help consolidate wealth among a few ultra-elite.

Eventually, capitalism will be about sharing the wealth and addressing climate change. And health care.

We just have to give it more time.

Just because millions of Americans lack health care and suffer in poverty doesn't mean it's time to get serious. David Brooks is going just fine, so let's not do anything rash.

That would be disappointing.

Today's obscure word is dirigistes which means to direct.  David Brooks uses this obscure (at least obscure to me, I had to look it up) word to talk about liberals will need to send everyone to elite universities to run this new massive centralized government control of everything. Which is weird since you'd think liberals would be all about community colleges and why wouldn't we let the people who are already running the things continue to run them, just removing the profit margins between us and the thing we want to benefit from (the health care, the infrastructure, whatnot).

David Brooks is dismissive of elites because he lacks a mirror, presumably.