Saturday, February 2, 2019

Song of the Day: "Harmony Hall"

These are NOT
by Pringles
If you're in need of a drag name, Harmony Hall would work. Better jump on it, before Vampire Weekend have this song playing during a Honda Accord commercial.

Or a Pringles commercial (no, not Pringles, that's too Toby Keith, more like some air-popped cheese snackfood that is actually made by Pringles but has a product name with no reference to Pringles, whose logo is also completely hidden on the label, something like SNAX 2.0 [which would have been perfect if it was still 2002]).

Or the trailer for the new Diane Lane Blake Lively romcom. Oh, shit, Diane Lane is 54... she can play the sassy grandma in the Blake Lively romcom--not Blake Lively's grandma, mind you, that will be Diane Keaton, it will be a multi-generational romcom with a set decoration budget for kitchens alone that exceeds $40 million.

Or the commercial for a beverage of some kind, probably youth-focused that I'll be self-conscious about drinking the first 2 or 3 times, but will get over after that only to find myself sad when they take the beverage away... like they did Crystal Pepsi, which is my drag name.

Wow, I couldn't have planned this post better if I had actually planned it at all.

Song: "Harmony Hall"
Artist: Vampire Weekend