Saturday, April 27, 2019

Song of the Day: "Let Love Run the Game"

Let Love run the game? Not Courtney Love, I hope. I wouldn't trust her to run a waffle iron.

Now, in all fairness, if Courtney Love thought the waffle iron could help her career (we're being charitable with respect to the term "career"), I'm pretty sure she would basically become one with the waffle maker, until all the waffles were made.

Then she'd have someone make it look like a suicide (allegedly).

Who the fuck is Daniel Norgren? He's Rude, Sweden biggest export since _________ (write your own joke here).

When I started playing this video, I noticed the counter was well over 300 million (MILLION)--potentially 4% of the world's population has watched the video on youtube (while alone).

Has or have? Have watched the video.


Dude's from Swedeland and he is super popular there or on the interwebz. Wooh Dang, his new album, is his first international release. This song is great.

Song: "Let Love Run the Game"
Artist: Daniel Norgren

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