Saturday, December 8, 2018

Song of the Day: "Agree"

This album is an odd one: the first collaboration between an American electronic band and a European "orchestral collective" that is a Trump protest album; but not an angry one, a moody-as-fuck one. This track is the most mainstream one on Music for the Long Emergency (I was going to suggest that it's "glass half empty" thinking that it will be a long emergency, but the shit show has gone on far too long as it is, and I see nothing stopping him from being re-elected in 2020 at this point). The A/V Club calls the album a soundtrack for uneasy times.

Uneasy? Try seriously fucked up bullshit.

Song: "Agree"
Artist: POLIÇA/s t a r g a z e

Friday, December 7, 2018

Song of the Day: "City Looks Pretty"

I have no idea how Courtney Barnett continues to charm me, but she does. I'm digging Tell Me How You Really Feel as I listen through the various "best of 2018" lists.

Song: "City Looks Pretty"
Artist: Courtney Barnett

Thursday, December 6, 2018

Song of the Day: "Future Me Hates Me"

I'm listening through some of the early "best of 2018" lists to help me figure out my own list (it's efficient, drafting off the lists of others). I always find a handful of things that I end up loving, and just as many releases whose acclaim I just don't get.

Kiwis The Beths are definitely the former. This is a delightful track!

Song: "Future Me Hates Me"
Artist: The Beths

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Song of the Day: "Tints"

Huzzah! The song wherein I start to appreciate Kendrick Lamar is upon us.

The live performance on SNL last weekend was solid. And I wouldn't have paid attention if it hadn't been Anderson .Paak. The new album Oxnard, sees him moving north along the California coast, following Venice and Malibu.

Song: "Tints"
Artist: Anderson .Paak/Kendrick Lamar

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Song of the Day: "Overland"

Damn this is beautiful. It's got a spare quality akin to the best of Gillian Welch, and sweet vocals that call to mind the Dixie Chicks. Admit it: that's a combination that doesn't suck.

I don't know anything about I'm With Her aside from this song ranks #44 on Paste's Top 50 Best Songs of 2018.

Apparently one of the singers is from Nickel Creek--that was a thing, right?

Song: "Overland"
Artist: I'm With Her

Monday, December 3, 2018

Song of the Day: "Back on the Chain Gang"

I was going to call the song "25-years old" and then, as I was going to type "30" I checked, and the single was released in October 1982: 37 years ago. It's been 25 years since The Pretenders covered "Everyday is Like Sunday" for the Boys on the Side soundtrack.

Boys on the Side: well-intentioned and not in need of a remake.

As for Moz's cover here: it could have been much worse.

Song: "Back on the Chain Gang"
Artist: Morrissey