Friday, October 26, 2018

Song of the Day: "First World Problems"

I was happy that I recognized Ian Brown's name as dude from Stone Roses. Well, I suspected that's who he was and it is. It's who he was, and to a lesser extent, who he is.

But while time has been kind to my view of Ride and Slowdive, it's done nothing for my relative indifference toward Stone Roses/Brown. This sounds like a b-side from The Farm or Happy Mondays.

Hell, it wishes it was a b-side from Happy Mondays.

See, indifference.

Song: "First World Problems"
Artist: Ian Brown

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Come In, The Bubble's Nice

Everything I need to know about the conservative bubble I learned from reading "What I Learned About Young People While Trying To Buy A Car" by Dennis Pragger published in National Review (and at his website, apparently).

First, it's in a section called "PC Culture" which, aside from a period in the mid-late and late-late aughts (when Microsoft embraced the "I'm a PC" side of the "I'm a mac/I'm a PC" ads for Apple), has never stood for anything good. PC Culture = political correctness (or possibly politically correct) culture. It means you can't use marginalizing epithets about groups of people, which is what is destroying America.

Also "culture" is just gay.

I grant that Pragger avoided the seemingly de rigueur easy digs at Starbucks or Kim Kardashian I usually find at Nattie Rev, but I think the latter might have to do with the halo effect of recent esteem for her husband now that Kanye's a loud and proud advocate for Trump, the unchallenged leader of the, cough,  conservative movement. Kim should enjoy the detente while it lasts, since I doubt 2 mercurial personalities will stay in-sync for too long.

What: Pragger's experience shopping for a new SUV to lease
Where: 5 car dealerships in an upper-middle class suburb of Los Angeles
Why: Pragger was patronizing local dealerships because he wants them "to stay in business"

Summary: this ain't no Prius we're shopping for; we're in a "good schools" kind of place so it's not like some minorities were to blame for the experience (just Millennials); and despite what we've said for decades about free market competition and letting the best company win, we're all about protecting our neighborhood's/country's businesses.

Did I mention Millennials? They're just the fucking worst! In every instance, an affable young salesperson
"In every instance, the salesperson was sweet, unenthusiastic, and largely ignorant of the car in which I was interested. 
All of them answered most of my questions — such as 'Is this SUV available in all-wheel-drive?' — with some version of 'I’ll look it up.'"

Pragger goes to town on the low key salespeople who helped him: not knowledgeable, no passion, hell they don't even have hobbies, so they certainly wouldn't have aspirations. These people don't even know whether or not a vehicle comes in AWD!!! Except I'm willing to bet $100 that the salespeople weren't all Millennials; that they didn't all answer most questions with "I'll look it up" (unless they were asked a lot of questions of an esoteric nature or minutiae, like the date a vehicle finished production so a star sign could be discerned, or the storage volume in cubic centimeters of all the cup holders in the vehicle).

I don't have proof that this is bullshit, but it smells like bullshit and I am reminded that, time and again, conservatives are happy to fabricate anecdotes to suit their point of view. Sure, this is basically true for everybody, but I'm playing partisan hack here, so let's move on.

But the real target of the, um, fable, is Millennial males. These males — probably soy boys, every last one — have been coddled so much that they basically expect a trophy for showing up and they're going to want free health care and free tuition which is socialism and tyranny.

That Pragger works the phrase "toxic masculinity" into a screed that is only focused on Millennial males is probably tacit toxic masculinity in action. Men are expected to have ambition, drive, a need to be successful. Girls are expected to have... babies, I guess. They aren't really discussed.

But the best aspect of all of this is the continued lack of self-awareness that hangs participation trophies on the generation that received them, and NOT on the generation that decided to award them all the fucking time. Millennials didn't come into this world expecting participation trophies and avocado toast (which was, surprisingly, not even mentioned), the got participation trophies from parents who felt guilty about not spending time with their kids. It's weird that a Baby Boomer wouldn't even think to look at Boomer narcissism: normally they love talking about themselves.

Sunday, October 21, 2018

Song of the Day: "Carried Away"

Don't act as if you weren't just wondering what Trouty Mouth was up to. Now you know, he's dropped his first name and released a song that would have been song of the summer if anyone had heard it.

But they didn't.

And here we are.

Song: "Carried Away"
Artist: Overstreet