Monday, February 5, 2018

Song of the Day: "Rose-Colored Boy"

Apparently I have no idea who Paramore are...

Song: "Rose-Colored Boy"
Artist: Paramore

Musical Theater Therapy: "YMCA"

Disco did not go gentle into that good night. It took a triumphant last stand which only made things worse--it was then pushed down a large flight of stairs and its skull stomped on eventually succumbing to a variety of its injuries.

Things might have ended with less violence had the Village People not released Can't Stop The Music, the 1980 movie musical starring the VPs along with Oscar nominee (just not for this) Valerie Perrine, a rollerskating Steve Guttenberg and Olympic gold medal winner Bruce Jenner in his sole big-screen outing.

Fun fact: we here at Musical Theater Therapy did, in fact, stay at the YMCA. On our first visit to Seattle in 1995 we stayed at the downtown YMCA which offered a variety of inexpensive lodging options including private rooms with share baths (European style) for $44 a night. We came back to find the room an utter mess--we left the window open and pigeons came into the room, made a mess, then left. Also on Sunday night, October 8th, while trying to get to sleep before an early flight home, the city erupted in the sound of celebration. With our help, the Seattle Mariners beat the NY Other Teams and went to their first World Seriously Championships of ever. We did not see another human the entire time we were at the YMCA.

The song, while not explicitly a lie, is misleading. While you *can* do many things, there is no guarantee that you will do anything there.

Today's song is "YMCA"--a song about how, if you're down and out, you should seek comfort in brotherhood. Today's lesson is that you should do that, just make sure there's someone there before you spend a lot off effort.