Monday, December 17, 2018

Song of the Day: "Girl in the Movies"

I was a little surprised to see the 3 Golden Globe Original Song nominees that aren't the big song from A Star is Born or the big song from Black Panther: an awful Annie Lennox song, a well-intentioned but forgettable song by the dude from Sigur Ros (and someone else), and a song by Dolly Parton from a movie about falling in love with Dolly Parton!!!

The plot of Dumplin' is a bit confusing (read about it here), but it's on Netflix so shut up and watch it tonight. Dolly wrote 6 new songs for the movie and recorded another 6 (making 12 songs from Dolly in total, duh). Can it beat "Shallow"?

Song: "Girl in the Movies"
Artist: Dolly Parton

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