Sunday, November 18, 2018

Song of the Day: "Didn't I"

Rod Stewart: first, he's still alive--he does 4 shows a week at Caser's Palace in Las Vegas (a high energy show, he runs through the audience and kicks soccer balls). Second, he's making new music (his "not great" country album was out in 2015 [he made my Top 50 singles for the album's best track], his 30th studio album (Blood Red Roses) was released in September, with most of the songs co-written by Stewart, and he's started work on his next album which he expects to release sometime in early 2020.

Hell, he's even got another kid on the way with his new wife, a 23 year-old model/actress from France. Just kidding, although who knows with him, his 8 kids range in age from 7 years to 55 years, and he's been married to the current wife for 11 years (that's a long time for Stewart, and also she's 47 years old, so, you know... reaching her sell by date).

I don't know who Bridget Cady is (she's one of his backup singers). If she's young enough maybe she can be his next baby mama. 

Song: "Didn't I"
Artist: Rod Stewart/Bridget Cady

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