Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Musical Theater Therapy: "Gold"

Is Linda Eder America's version of Sarah Brightman? Don't be silly, Sarah Brightman moves tote bags during PBS pledge drives; Eder merely answers their phones.

Still while Brightman was muse for Andrew Lloyd Webber (still a monster), Eder was muse for Frank Wildhorn's musical Camille Claudel. Or maybe she wasn't, except you probably wouldn't know either way so she was.

Her and Liza Minnelli. They were co-muses.

Fun fact: composer/lyricist Frank Wildhorn also created the show from which Sunday's Musical Theater Therapy session was drawn (oh shit, we were supposed to reduce the amount of forgettable music for a bit, will need to overcompensate for a bit after this).

Funner fact: Camille Claudel was a human person who did things, but you wouldn't know about them (if you even do) if she hasn't slept with a man who was famous. If you don't know, the man was Fred from The Scooby-Doo Mysteries.

Funnest fact: Linda Eder has been nominated for 3 not-a-Tony awards, the Drama Desk Award, the Outer Critics Circle Award, and the Theater World Award. Rosie O'Donnell and Regis Philbin both said she was robbed of a Tony nomination, but I'm thinking it wasn't at gun-point.

Today's song is "Gold" from the musical Claudel Colbertte (or is it). Today's lesson is something about how we're not always putting a lot of thought into these sessions so perhaps you should have a second resource for counseling.

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