Saturday, January 20, 2018

Musical Theater Therapy: "All I Care About"

In the Year of Jerry Orbach, how many Jerry Orbachs (or is it Jerries Orbach) is too many?

None. You can never have enough Jerries Orbach.

Today's Jerry Orbach is the Tony-losing Jerry Orbach from the musical Chicago. It ran a bit over 2 years during its first Broadway production and its revival has been running for more than 20 years (without a Jerry Orbach it's been running 10x as long).

The show lost all 11 of its Tony nominations. Probably because it was up against A Chorus Line (although there was no lead actor nominee from A Chorus Line, so really Jerry Orbach had no one to blame but himself).

Regardless, vive Jerry Orbach!

Vive Jerries Orbach!!!

Today's lesson? You can never have enough Jerries Orbach.

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