Saturday, May 6, 2017

Disasters, Protections and the Perceived Superiority of Simplicity

Yesterday the House of Representatives took the first substantial step toward repealing and replacing Obamacare. They did this after 7 years of the masturbatory act of voting more than 60 times (as of Groundhog Day of 2016) to repeal it. They did this after complaining that the vote in favor of Obamacare didn't allow ample time to read the 2,000 page bill yet voted without ample time to read the 700 page bill that repeals and replaces the plan.

Song of the Day: "My Soul's Got Wings"

Imagine my reaction when I learned that Carlene Carter is a collaborator on the new John Mellencamp album.

What did you come up with? Was it delight?

Song: "My Soul's Got Wings"
Artist: John Mellencamp/Carlene Carter

Song of the Day: "I'm A Lady"

Meghan Trainor with an original song from Smurfs: The Lost Village in which all the lady Smurfs (but one) have been hiding, probably from Rapey Smurf.

Song: "I'm A Lady"
Artist: Meghan Trainor

For Your Consideration: BoJack Horseman

"Stop The Presses" Outstanding Animated Program

The show has been a surprising source of, hmm, not inspiration, not serenity, maybe it's just a version of depression and darkness I can relate to. Or maybe it's just a funny cartoon with talking animals. Regardless, it's teh aweSUM.

For the show's second and third seasons, it's used season-long story arcs (although as completely as season 3 builds on season 2, a case could be made for those being a single story which I doubt is finished; there's a strong editorial vision for the show and that pays off considerably) but used a variety of narrative formats, which commands attention (or at least it commands more of my attention). The show also edges us along, humor-wise, for some jokes, recognizing that the pay-off is that much more intense the longer you wait. They've demonstrated this in the past and as much point it out this episode.

"Stop the Presses" aligns everything for the season's payoffs that begin with episode 9, Todd & Emily, Todd & Mr. Peanut Butter, Mr. Peanut Butter & Diane, Character Actress Margot Martindale, others. Everybody's invited and Candace Bergin as "The Closer" provides a foil to BoJack's angst and ire, teasing out BoJack's take on the various moving parts of the season.

While "Fish Out Of Water" has earned more critical acclaim (here and here as examples), it was "Stop the Presses" that won the Writers Guild Award for Animation (beating "Fish" and episodes of The Simpsons, Elena of Avalon and Star Wars Rebels). Clearly the Writers Guild votes are teh smartz.

Quote of the Day: Nobody

“Nobody dies because they don’t have access to health care.”--Rep. Raúl R. Labrador (R, ID)
Congressman Labrador made this statement at a town hall meeting he took with constituents in Lewiston, Idaho. Apropos of nothing he is a member of the Freedom Caucus.

According to the Washington Post, the audience's boos drowned him out.

Am I confounding access to health care with health insurance? No, fuck you, that's what this is about contextually. Got a different perspective? Post it on your blog and link to that in comments.

Fun fact: according to a 2009 Harvard University study, an estimated 45,000 people die every year due to lack of health insurance. It was 44,789; I rounded up.

Guns don't kill people, but lack of insurance sure does.

Musical Theater Therapy: "The McHugh Medley"

From Sugar Babies.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Musical Theater Therapy: "Put the Blame on Me"

Today's Musical Theater Therapy recalls a time, nearly 30 years ago, when life was simpler. When all it took to have a rapturous evening out was to have the 24-hour alternative/gay nightclub (as opposed to the 24-hour mainstream gay dance club or the 24-hour hook-up dance club and tambourine emporium) nearly to yourselves (you and your peeps, things were simpler and social), with a DJ who either read the room perfectly, or was being incredibly self-indulgent but in a way that happened to be perfect for you.
Just found this summary of Weekends: Weekends Atlanta, GA 1982-198?. Atlanta's most happening club of the 80s. Gave birth to RuPaul, Now Explosion (Larry Tee, Lahoma VanZandt), Lady Bunny. Great mix of people. On a strip on Peachtree Street that included TV Dinners.
It's universal rite of passage even today.
Savage is not a musical; it's a song cycle/video album from Eurythmics and director Sophie Muller. Eurythmics had a rich legacy of creating visual dimensions for their work, but Savage was the first long-form effort. Muller cut her teeth with this project and would go on to direct iconic videos from Annie Lennox as a solo artist, No Doubt, Garbage, Maroon 5, PJ Harvey, and Blur (among many others). It was nominated for a Grammy for Best Long Form Video but lost to Janet Jackson's Rhythm Nation: 1814.
Savage is a personal favorite of mine but hard to evangelize (see also: Counting Crows' Recovering the Satellites*). It's a precursor to Annie Lennox's Diva video album (which won Lennox and Muller a Grammy). And it's the soundtrack to one of my favorite nights ever, largely because I had no idea it was going to be so perfect.
That DJ played at least 2/3 of the songs from Savage that night... at least while we were there. Maybe he got through all of it.
Today's song "Put the Blame on Me"; today's lesson: don't expect things, you might end up delighted.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Monday, May 1, 2017

Song of the Day: "Kill for Candy"

First, there's a twinge of DEVO in the song... cool.

Second, I'd like to believe that Candy is someone's name. It probably is.

Oh, this is No Doubt minus Gwen plus dude from AFI (and not DEVO).

Song: "Kill for Candy"
Artist: Dreamcar

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Song of the Day: "I'm Not Very Nice"

It's possible that this song won a (Daytime) Emmy this weekend. The list of winners includes a song called "She's Not Very Nice" from 7D, the show this song is from (7D=7 dwarfs, from what I gather).

Either way, this song is suitably tween-friendly punk, so here we go.

Song: "I'm Not Very Nice"
Artist: The 7D

Musical Theater Therapy: "Santa Fe"

From Newsies. Daily therapy sessions here.