Sunday, December 24, 2017

Musical Theater Therapy: "Pine Cones and Holly Berries"/"It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas"

We here at Musical Theater Therapy don't get out much. Literally we walk dogs around the block, and from time to time venture to 7-11 or fast food or the ATM that doesn't charge a fee because our guy still doesn't take bitcoin. So imagine our surprise when we saw houses decorated for the hollyest of holy days.

It calls to mind the the act of Edgaring. Edgaring is driving around at night admiring Christmas lights, as though one was the wife of a man name Edgar and you were constantly pointing out the various houses that he was certainly too blind to see on his own. If you've shared a bathroom with a man you understand that this blindness is not to be treated lightly. We were first exposed to the term back in December 1992 by Ms. Janet DeLee, author and raconteur; and we use the term still.

Today's song is "It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas" along with "Pine Cones and Holly Berries" both written by Meredith Wilson of The Music Man fame. Wilson, who is not a female, wrote the musical Here's Love--sometimes called Miracle on 34th Street: The Musical and other times called It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas, and either of those is a far better title for a musical that is based on Miracle on 34th Street and that also includes the by-then classic "It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas" because Here's Love is so generic that it's one word different from Here Lies Love which is about Imelda Marcos--and while this recording isn't from a production either Wilson's musical or the one about Imelda Marcos, the in-the-round style presented by the Osmonds is straight from the musical.

Some quick pieces of Musical Theater Therapy trivia:

  1. Broadway Genius John, our occasional guru with respect to such things as musicals, is currently in NYC enjoying a trove of musicals and was giddy to get tickets to see Donnie & Marie who are members of the Osmonds (maybe, possibly not, you know how they are with girls)
  2. The musical was originally directed by Norman Jewison whose Wikipedia entry we took no delight in editing to remove some hype around his receiving Oscar nominations as Best Director in 3 different decades (it said it was a unique distinction, but John Ford, Woody Allen, Billy Wilder and Martin Scorcese also received nominations spread that wide... the unique aspect is that Jewison was the only one who didn't win, which seemed tacky to point out--also you can actually look this up, under editor jonesrich, it's truth)... Jewison was replaced as director, not sure why
  3. I can't remember if there was a number 3, possibly a dis at Natalie Wood who as a child was in the movie of Miracle on 34th Street and as an adult was the least of 2 major movie musical and both times had her voice dubbed by Marni Nixon but there's no reason to bring up her mediocrity here, so close to Christmas

The show ran for about 9 months from fall 1963 to early summer 1964 and garnered no Tony nominations and no sentiment sufficient for a revival.

Today's lesson: Meredith Wilson is a dude.

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