Monday, December 25, 2017

Musical Theater Therapy: "A Christmas Song"

Musical Theater Therapy presents a song from Elf: Buddy's Musical Christmas based on the 2010 Broadway musical Elf: The Musical, based on the 2003 movie Elf which was, in turn, based on the novel Push by Sapphire. No, that joke is still not old to us.

We saw Elf in a movie theater back in 2003, but due to a fire alarm we were made to leave the theater and given a pass to come back later but no way were we driving back down to SE 82nd to see the last 15 minutes. We assume everyone was killed in the fire that forced us to evacuate the theater and thus we assume making a musical of that is an affront to the lives of those lost in the fire.

And yet today's song is "A Christmas Song" which is probably because today is Christmas and because we are lazy.

Today's lesson: we are lazy. Just lower your expectations, not all of these sessions are about you.

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