Sunday, November 26, 2017

Musical Theater Therapy: "Stick it to the Man"

Musical Theater Therapy reminds you that Andrew Lloyd Webber is a monster. Case in point: when adapting School of Rock the Musical from School of Rock the movie, Webber opted to debut the show on Broadway and not the West End to take advantage of the less stringent child labor laws in the US. Sure, some of you might be thinking that the real monster is the US for having less stringent child labor laws, and to them we say "have you met our niece? she's horrible--she deserves to work a 12 to 15 day, just to keep her the fuck away from our brother and sister-in-law."

School of Rock has been playing on Broadway for nearly 2 years. For several months of 2017 Webber had 4 musicals playing on Broadway: Phantom of the Opera, the longest running show in Broadway history now, nearly 30 years on Broadway; Cats, a prior record holder (and one of the worst musicals of ever, ever) back for a limited run; Sunset Boulevard, back for a limited run with Glenn Close (it's as if she never said goodbye to the role); and School of Rock.

The book was adapted by Julian Fellowes, the Oscar winning screenwriter of Gosford Park, and Emmy winning creator of Downton Abbey... seems like a bit of overkill for a Mike White screenplay. There wasn't even a dowager janitor in the thing (I assume, I haven't actually seen it).

The show lost all 4 of its Tony nominations. Hamilton... what are you gonna do?

Today's song is "Stick it to the Man"--it's about reaching that point in rock and roll when you have to just stick it to the man. Today's lesson: even with the patriarchy, the man might be a woman. Hash tag girl boss or something

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