Saturday, October 7, 2017

What Exactly Did Obi Wan Do For Luke?

During an episode of The Orville (the mediocre Star Trek homage starring Seth McFarlane and other people of less note [the wonderful Penny Johnson who is, apparently now Penny Johnson Something, is in the cast]) a character offered to to act as another character's Obi Wan. The second character had no idea who that was (which was mildly funny).

But the reference bugged me, because Obi Wan (a white guy) may be the poster child for failing upward.

  • Did Obi Wan protect Luke from the Empire? No. 
  • Was Obi Wan honest with Luke about his past? His family? "Oh, right, the Princess we're trying to save is your sister and the guy who's trying to kill us is your dad." No. 
  • Did he become more powerful than Vader could possibly imagine after telling Vader that he (Kenobi) would become more powerful than he (Vader) could possibly imagine should he (Vader) strike him (Kenobi) down? No.
  • Did he repeat "use the force" without any additional context or coaching of any kind? Yes. How is that helpful?!

Hell, he trained Darth Vader. Not only did he not fix the problem, he's the cause. Partially the cause.

If you do a search on "Obi Wan the worst Jedi" you will get many great results.

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