Sunday, October 22, 2017

Song of the Day: "Covered Wagon"

Dude from Pedro the Lion, who has done his own thing in the past, is doing his own thing with a with a super group (a group that watched its parents gunned down and vowed to bring justice to the city it loves) of west coast indie rockers going by the name Lo Tom.

Given 20 minutes I probably would have connected Bazan with Pedro the Lion. I don't know any of the other dudes or their respective musical provenances.

But this song rocks. And I must credit Inhumans "Something Inhuman This Way Comes" for featuring a different Lo Tom song and thus bringing them to my attention.

It doesn't mean the show isn't awful. It just means that I'm watching it regardless of that.

Song: "Covered Wagon"
Artist: Lo Tom

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