Friday, August 4, 2017

Song of the Day: "Scars To Your Beautiful"

To my beautiful what, Alessia Cara?!!!


In reviewing the MTV Video Music Award nominees for Video of the Year (yes, it's insanely stupid that MTV still does this, except not really since they are pretty much able to leverage this for a lot of free press based on whatever scandalous thing _________ does/says/wears this year, and you can never get enough gift bags [unless the value of said gift bag is reported to the IRS]) I ran across this somewhat meh song from Alessia (she made my top 10 singles list in 2015 and, comparatively, this is a let down). And when I read about the song via Wikipedia, I felt super old:
Katy Iandoli of Idolator stated "[Scars to Your Beautiful] is a modern-day version of TLC's 'Unpretty', in its acknowledgment of the beauty in both visible and invisible imperfections."
Why would something be a modern-day version of a song that's like 6 years old?! Only "Unpretty" isn't 6 years old. It's 36 years old!!!!

No, it's not, it's just 19 years old.

Still, old. Yikes.

Song: "Scars To Your Beautiful"
Artist: Alessia Cara

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