Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Song of the Day: "Me Enamoré"

It seems like just yesterday, when it was, in fact, 22 years ago, that Shakira's major label debut Pies Descalzos (translation: something about pies, I think) was released. Her label promoted her as the Spanish language Alanis Morissette because that's what record labels do: they try to get musicians to sound like recently popular musicians regardless of whether that fits their sound/act/temperament/shoe size.

Later she was promoted as the Spanish language Madonna, then the Spanish language Christina Aguilera (which might rightfully be Christina Aguilera, I don't know). These days she might be the Spanish language Adele. Her new album, El Dorado (translation: The Dorado) is mostly in Spanish, which is what the Spanish language Adele would do...

Song: "Me Enamoré"
Artist: Shakira

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