Friday, July 28, 2017

Disappointing David Brooks, Parts 433 & 434

David thinks the Blacks are cool, possibly the apotheosis of cool (it is a word, look it up). Staying cool under the pressure of racism is cool.

White people who did that whole Horatio Alger, ass-kissing, race to the top of the business world thing: not cool. Too obvious. Too needy. They cared too much.

Cool is detached, dumb asses.

Kendrick Lamar is cool bitches. Don't ever forget that David Brooks said Kendrick Lamar is cool. David Brooks knows that you wouldn't realize that if he hadn't told you.

David Brooks thinks Robert Downey Jr. might have gone the cool way, but really he's too far adrift.

David Brooks doesn't think Jeff Bridges or Daniel Day-Lewis or Ryan Gosling are cool. Taylor Swift probably tries too hard.

Miles Davis never used Instagram. And the people who are pushing Kid Rock to run for Senate are super cereal y'all. But not if they look like they're trying too hard.

Meanwhile David Brooks will point out that you haven't even read Senator Jeff Flake's book yet. But maybe that's because it hasn't been released yet.

Sen. Flake is honorable because he has a background that is hard-working and manly, and also because he is standing up to Donald Trump's unsavory ways.

David is disappointed that not everyone is standing up to Donald Trump's unsavory ways which means that Washington has this aura of unsavoriness about it.

He misses polite Washington. Jeff Flake was part of polite Washington.

If you're not acting like Jeff Flake you're the reason it's so unsavory in Washington right now. That is so very taxing on Brooks.

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