Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Disappointing David Brooks, Part 413

David is disappointed and in Aspen

How are we disappointing David Brooks this week?

Well if you're a Republican politician he's disappointed that you hate Obamacare but weren't actually motivated to craft an alternative policy, you just pruned back the existing frame work. He's also a bit disdainful of the fact that you don't seem to realize the middle class is going bye bye. At least the "conservative policy johnnies" (I looked it up, and johnnies are the equivalent of "dudes" if you're George Will or David Brooks) at America's great conservative think tanks and institutes and what-nots understand that the working class is disappearing.

He also seems peeved that he's forced to bloviate from Aspen, Colorado, where he's probably attending the Aspen Ideas Festival, which is, as we all know, a festival of ideas held in Aspen. Duh.

Liberal politicians, working class Americans, civilians to the political wars, we're pretty much off the hook today... but watch yourselves (me too). Disappointing David is easy to do.

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