Friday, June 9, 2017

Disappointing David Brooks, Part 408

David is disappointed

How are we disappointing David Brooks this week?

So many ways... but mostly he has to put on his "I told you so" rimless glasses so he can point out that, duh, nothing that came out during Comey's testimony represents an impeachable offense (no lying under oath in a civil lawsuit here) which may seem obvious to you since, if there was a smoking gun, things probably would be much further along. And if the smoking gun don't fit (or isn't present at that particular hearing), it probably doesn't even exist, which is fine because Trump himself is such a disappointment to Brooks that his future implosion will probably incur something like an exasperated orgasm.

Also Donald Trump lies. You probably didn't know that which is why Brooks is reduced to saying it so many times. Please pay more attention.

Also also, Donald Trump has this weird need for validation and attention (which may or may not be the same thing). You probably haven't noticed that yet either, so really, pay at least a modicum of attention please.

We live in an dignified society with an orderly, organized government so please be more like that polite, professional James Comey.

Summary of the David Brooks Hierarchy of Allegiance