Friday, June 16, 2017

A Few Things About Guardians of the Galaxy 2: Electric Boogaloo

I often enthuse wildly about Marvel's casting when I write about the MCU movies. Kurt Russell as Ego, yes. We also see Karen Gillan shine. And Michael Rooker really shine. And Chris Platt with his shirt off.

I give the movie a B because giving it a B- seems really negative of me. There's a lot of fun to be had in the movie, but there is a whole boatload of stupid in there too.  So a B seems fair.

Seeing Sean Gunn in GotG movies is as consistently amusing/confusing to me as seeing Cobie Smulders in Avengers movies. At some point Ego was explaining his time on Earth to Peter Quill and said something about "that's how I met your mother" which, I'm sorry, that had to be intentional. Good for them.

Oh, Sean Gunn's brother is the writer/director of GotG.

Stan Lee and the Watchers: yes!

The wacky jump special effects, no.

Once upon a time, like 25+ years ago, Becky, Chris and I were discussing the term a ghey/homersexual/lezbean should call his/her significant other. It was a time when husband/wife weren't appropriate because they weren't that then. And boyfriend/girlfriend, it was decided, were too juvenile to use for a significant, life-partner-y person. And I don't think we had the term life partner in our vocabulary back then. It was one a classic Chris Wilson moment when he decided that a committed life-long partner should be a Hasselhoff. Which makes the fact that someone says something about someone else being a third person's Hasselhoff that much more profound and/or funny. James Gunn had been listening in on our decades old conversation.

The soundtrack to the first GotG was fantastic and won a Grammy. The soundtrack to this movie is fantastic and may win another Grammy. However... 2 songs that are used exceptionally well in the movie are undermined by other pop culture entities getting to them first: Cat Stevens's "Father and Son" and Fleetwood Mac's "The Chain". I'm struggling to recall where "Father and Son" recently crossed my path and made me sad as hell; "The Chain" was used beautifully in the "Walter Taffet" episode of The Americans (which is a current TV show that I am actually current on).

I'm glad they include Mantis and will have Adam Warlock in future films. I really really really think Moondragon needs to be in the mix. For fuck's sake, she's fought Thanos a bunch. Ugh.

Marvel must atone for that costume
Also, if you're immortal, but you can be killed, you're not actually immortal. Just saying. That a Celestial is taken down, in part, via sidearms really undermines the power he has (or should have based on established mythology). This was a minor annoyance in Wonder Woman as well (and will be especially annoying is Ares comes back in a future movie). It's possible to rationalize Quill vs. Ego as a battle between 2 equals with the assistance from the rest of the Guardians tipping the battle in his favor, but I've come up with that retroactively.

Also also, for fuck's sake, can we please significantly reduce the amount of shooting portrayed on film since no one seems to be able to hit anyone with their various weapons. Nebula strafing Gamora... it's like she went to Stormtrooper shooting school.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: movies can imagine a myriad of creatures and atmospheres, but a tree is a tree is a tree in every movie. Their leaves are always green and they have brown bark. Movie tress are actually less diverse than actual trees.

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