Wednesday, May 31, 2017

The Unimaginable Fuck Revisited

A few days later and the events from last Friday that began with an Islamophobic and anti-immigrant rant directed at 2 teenage girls (TEENAGE GIRLS for fuck's sake) by a white supremacist twice their age, and which ended with 2 men dead, one critically injured, and (thankfully) the attacker arrested are now more frustrating than confusing.

This article breaks down the events.
Passengers Best, Namkai-Mache and a third man, Micah David-Cole Fletcher, 21, were trying to deescalate the tense situation, intervene and get Christian off the train, she said. Macy said she didn't know where the two teenage girls who were the target of his racist rants were seated. She said it appeared as if the men who were stabbed "were trying to be a barrier'' between Christian and the girls.
I take solace knowing that the headline might have read "commuters watch in horror as 2 girls killed."

The more I learn about the 3 men who stood between the attacker and the girls, the more my heart beams at their deed and their character. It's as though their backstories, each with Portland flair, had been written after the attack: an award winning poet with a history of addressing Islamophobia, a city employee who was a coworker to friends of mine, and a Reed College graduate with an inexplicable name whose last words bring tears to my eyes when I consider them.
"Tell everyone on this train I love them."--Taliesin Myrddin Namkai-Meche
I can imagine my last words as a variation: "tell everyone on this train to go fuck themselves."

He was 23 years old and his final words are those of a man at one with serenity.

In the chaos of the attack, several people stepped up to help the victims heroes or to ensure that the attacker wouldn't get away. Giving comfort to the dying is such a considerate thoughtful magnanimous act. First aid, yes, I would have had the presence of mind to do what I could with first aid, and/or pursuing the attacker (not capturing him, mind you, and likely to be too winded after 1/4 of a block to keep up). I am considerate, but I tend toward the... not sure if pragmatic or utilitarian is the right word... I'll go with utilitarian because that means practical but not necessarily attractive.

Adding to my to-do list: be more mindful about being more mindful.

Also: figure out some last words that will make everyone think I'm great.

Mayor Ted Wheeler continues a string of bad decisions by requesting that the Feds rescind permits for an alt-right a white supremacist rally scheduled for this weekend. Why he couldn't just ask Portland Police to handle that rally the same way they handle peaceful liberal gatherings is beyond me.

The Oregon ACLU now gets to fight for the alt-right's right to party. They have so much other shit to deal with right now that they shouldn't have to address this too.

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