Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Musical Theater Therapy: "Put the Blame on Me"

Today's Musical Theater Therapy recalls a time, nearly 30 years ago, when life was simpler. When all it took to have a rapturous evening out was to have the 24-hour alternative/gay nightclub (as opposed to the 24-hour mainstream gay dance club or the 24-hour hook-up dance club and tambourine emporium) nearly to yourselves (you and your peeps, things were simpler and social), with a DJ who either read the room perfectly, or was being incredibly self-indulgent but in a way that happened to be perfect for you.
Just found this summary of Weekends: Weekends Atlanta, GA 1982-198?. Atlanta's most happening club of the 80s. Gave birth to RuPaul, Now Explosion (Larry Tee, Lahoma VanZandt), Lady Bunny. Great mix of people. On a strip on Peachtree Street that included TV Dinners.
It's universal rite of passage even today.
Savage is not a musical; it's a song cycle/video album from Eurythmics and director Sophie Muller. Eurythmics had a rich legacy of creating visual dimensions for their work, but Savage was the first long-form effort. Muller cut her teeth with this project and would go on to direct iconic videos from Annie Lennox as a solo artist, No Doubt, Garbage, Maroon 5, PJ Harvey, and Blur (among many others). It was nominated for a Grammy for Best Long Form Video but lost to Janet Jackson's Rhythm Nation: 1814.
Savage is a personal favorite of mine but hard to evangelize (see also: Counting Crows' Recovering the Satellites*). It's a precursor to Annie Lennox's Diva video album (which won Lennox and Muller a Grammy). And it's the soundtrack to one of my favorite nights ever, largely because I had no idea it was going to be so perfect.
That DJ played at least 2/3 of the songs from Savage that night... at least while we were there. Maybe he got through all of it.
Today's song "Put the Blame on Me"; today's lesson: don't expect things, you might end up delighted.

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