Monday, May 8, 2017

Mine's The White One: The Least You Can Do

As a white guy, I sleep soundly every night knowing that I am always in the right. I don't get followed around in stores, except by salespeople on commission, or pulled over by cops for no reason.

Nor do I wonder whether someone might have drugged my cocktail or could be following me to my car like some girls do. Certainly not at my current weight.

But it's possible that as a white guy I don't perceive the amount of privilege that helps keep white guys in power despite, you know, our clear history of fucking shit up. Or maybe it's true that every other type of person is just worse. Maybe both are true. Regardless, this article about a potential blind spot for the whites when they are friends with people of color, is worth reading if only to be dismissive of afterward. (Pfff, who would ever do such a thing?!!!)
"I can hear your responses in my head, because they’re what I think too: but doesn’t that mean I’ll feel nervous to talk to my friend because I’ll be nervous of fucking it up? Yes. Your friend of color is already doing that because fucking up in a racist society means they could literally be killed. You can be a little nervous and uncomfortable and think before you speak more for your friend, it’s literally the least you can do."--One Strike, You're Out: Fucking It Up With Your Friend Of Color
Of course, most White Christian Americans, which is to say most Christian Americans, which is to say most Americans, feel that Christians suffer discrimination more than any other religion. So where's the warnings to all them liberal elite Muslim-loving Jew-loving liberals about not making real Americans sad?

Didn't think so.

Thanks Obama.

The clear lesson is don't be friends with people who aren't of the same race as you. Problem solved.

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