Saturday, May 13, 2017

For Your Consideration: Ted Danson

Outstanding Actor in a Comedy, The Good Place

Just when you think you've seen Ted Danson's range (from A to B*), BOOM, here comes Ted in a brilliant and unexpected performance. He warmly rounds out the thankless straight man aspect with a kooky ebullience that I, well, did not expect. (Editorially speaking I am saying that I did not expect him to give an unexpected performance... I really should change one of those to "surprise" but instead I'm pointing out this flaw to y'all... welcome to my head.)

I am a bit torn between pushing Danson as lead vs. supporting (as I know most Emmy voters read my blog, such influence can be daunting) but ultimately I decided on lead. There are other aspects of the show that are also Emmy worthy (art direction and costumes, for example) but those are secure in their own merits and the other performers are on their own for securing their nominations. Sorry Kristen. But it would be a shame if Danson was overlooked in a sea of Donald Glover, Jeffrey Tambor, Anthony Anderson, William H. Macy types. You know the ones.

* He also did The Onion Field and CSI: Somewhere.

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