Saturday, May 6, 2017

For Your Consideration: BoJack Horseman

"Stop The Presses" Outstanding Animated Program

The show has been a surprising source of, hmm, not inspiration, not serenity, maybe it's just a version of depression and darkness I can relate to. Or maybe it's just a funny cartoon with talking animals. Regardless, it's teh aweSUM.

For the show's second and third seasons, it's used season-long story arcs (although as completely as season 3 builds on season 2, a case could be made for those being a single story which I doubt is finished; there's a strong editorial vision for the show and that pays off considerably) but used a variety of narrative formats, which commands attention (or at least it commands more of my attention). The show also edges us along, humor-wise, for some jokes, recognizing that the pay-off is that much more intense the longer you wait. They've demonstrated this in the past and as much point it out this episode.

"Stop the Presses" aligns everything for the season's payoffs that begin with episode 9, Todd & Emily, Todd & Mr. Peanut Butter, Mr. Peanut Butter & Diane, Character Actress Margot Martindale, others. Everybody's invited and Candace Bergin as "The Closer" provides a foil to BoJack's angst and ire, teasing out BoJack's take on the various moving parts of the season.

While "Fish Out Of Water" has earned more critical acclaim (here and here as examples), it was "Stop the Presses" that won the Writers Guild Award for Animation (beating "Fish" and episodes of The Simpsons, Elena of Avalon and Star Wars Rebels). Clearly the Writers Guild votes are teh smartz.

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