Wednesday, May 31, 2017

A Quick Guide to Mento*

I've been watching Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law on Hulu for the last few hours. If I haven't enthused about the show directly to you I will do so now: the show is a brilliantly imagined look at the post-superhero life of Birdman (no relation to this), now an attorney in the Hanna-Barbera shared continuity, wherein Birdman (Harvey to friends) represents many characters in a variety of exploits.

By the way, Harvey Birdman, HB; Hanna-Barbera, HB... thoughts?

The show features great voice work from Gary Cole, Steven Colbert, Peter MacNichol and John Michael Higgins as Mentok. I love Higgins as Mentok, especially the character-supplied sound effects. It inspires me to add my own sound effects to everyday tasks, a thing I need to avoid doing if I ever hope to gain real employment ever again.

* The asterisk in this post's title is meant to indicate a wildcard character and not a footnote, even though I'm posting a footnote for it.

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