Monday, April 17, 2017

Song of the Day: "Mr. DJ"

Sandy Wexler, the 407th movie in Adam Sandler's 9,000 movie deal with Netflix, doesn't suck. I am literally watching it on this word of mouth: "it doesn't suck, not really bad at all."

And I am telling you, that tepidly warm review is correct. It is mildly amusing and only eye-roll inducing a little.

On a non-trivial side note, Adam Sandler is 50 years old; Jennifer Hudson* is 35 years old. However, it's not a romantic pairing (at least not yet) and the Wexler character's age and out-dated knowledge are part of the joke.

* Jennifer Hudson is not a late-20s white or off-white performer like Demi Tisdale or Selena Lovato—is there a younger non-crazy Duff?—so kudos for casting some bad ass talent (the music is great, far superior to the movie which actually is in keeping with the movie's 90s setting... soundtracks in the 90s where generally far better than their associated movies). Worry not, Kevin James, Nick Swardson and Rob "I am blackmailing Adam Sandler" Schneider are all in this movie. Maybe Sandler's younger brother is their agent and this is his way of getting his brother paid.

Song: "Mr. DJ"
Artist: Jennifer Hudson/Mase**

** Wasn't it Ma$e before?

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