Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Song of the Day: "Million Dollar Secret"

h/t to Erin for this track, from a recent episode of Girls. I don't watch Girls, as I have this preference for comedies that are funny.

Actually I might owe the show a second chance. Now that I understand Millennials it might make more sense to me.

Also it has the very talented Andrew Rannells an a semi-regular.

Song: "Million Dollar Secret"
Artist: Lucius


Erin Leedy said...

Ok you should watch this season's The Bounce, which is Rannell's only capsule episode. He tries out for the still-being-workshopped show White Men Can't Jump. Oh and reconnects with his famous TV newscaster BF fake-Anderson-Cooper. The episode is perfection.

Erin Leedy said...

Rannells' - sorry. #typos