Sunday, March 12, 2017

Song of the Day: "Don't Pass Me By"

Laura Marling, hey her name rhymes with "critical darling", that's cool because she is. I feel like the only time I ever encounter her is when she's short-listed for the Mercury Prize (which she has been 3 times, pretty good considering she only released 5 albums prior to this year) or landing on a critic's year end list (which happens less than it did with Pinegrove last year). She's also picked up the Brit award for Best British Female (with 3 more nominations).

I've not taken to her music much, possibly because I was turned off by her precocious nature of her music. I Speak Because I Can, her 2010 release about the responsibility of womanhood, was recorded when she was 19 years old.

I'm not saying that a 19-year old doesn't have something to say. I am saying that maybe a 19-year old shouldn't talk about womanhood as though she's taken a comprehensive tour of it.

Flash forward to today and a review of the new album mentions the Portishead-ish-ness of this track and suddenly I'm digging her. I'm shallow like that.

Song: "Don't Pass Me By"
Artist: Laura Marling

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