Monday, March 20, 2017

Song of the Day: "Castle on the Hill"

Summary of my recent call with John: "who's Ed Sheeran?"; "OMG he's the best and you're an idiot for not knowing his music"...

I trust John enough to sample the music he recommends. I'm not sure he would put this track on a short-list to introduce me to Ed, but it was the track I found most interesting among those from his new album Obelus (the obelus is the name for ÷, which is what Ed is using as a stylized way of writing Divide).

The shimmering guitar and driving percussion crossed with the lyrics makes me thinks of some U2 tribute band with Kenny Chesney-esque lyrics, There are far worse ways to spend an evening.

Song: "Castle on the Hill"
Artist: Ed Sheeran

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