Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Quote of the Day: No Mo Muslims Edition

"Do you lock your front door at night? If so, don't complain about Trump's ban."

I read that weeks ago and something always bothered me about the logic. The metaphor was basically that Trump was locking our collective front door to keep us safe, but it seemed to lose track of some of the nuance (nuance is probably too soft a word) facts:

  • This act "locked out" people who had a right to come in. American citizens were denied the right to travel freely without being charged with a crime. That's denial of due process. Remember how everyone says they love the Constitution? Wouldn't it be fucking great if they'd remember the Constitution is more than the Second Amendment?
  • This act locked the front door while leaving the side door propped open. This is a metaphor for access bt people from countries that better met the definition of heightened concern stated by the Trump administration [basically they are more of a MUSLIM MUSLIM MUSLIM EXTREMIST threat based on historical acts of terrorisms and shit].

The new Trump ban, same as the old Trump ban (in that it never banned travel from MUSLIM countries with Trump hotel properties) has been introduced.
“Unregulated, unvetted travel is not a universal privilege, especially when national security is at stake,”--John F. Kelly, Secretary of Homeland Security
Yes it is. The right to travel freely cannot be abridged without due process. Fuck, John F. Kelly, it's in the fifth amendment.

They hate us for our freedoms that we're going to take away from you so you can have your freedom. This country is so fucking dumb.

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