Thursday, February 9, 2017

Song of the Day: "The Ballad of Jimmy McCabe"

While Paul Weller's music has appeared on movie soundtracks, Weller has never written something original specifically for a movie. I thought maybe "Have You Ever Had It Blue" from Absolute Beginners, but really that's just an interpolation of "With Everything To Lose." Also his record label sent out a promo email announcing it as his first original soundtrack for a movie, so I'll allow it.

The movie is Jawbone with Ray Winstone and Ian McShane. There's boxing involved. That seems right. Winstone and McShane could easily play executive consultants but they seem ill-cast in anything that can't be described as "gritty." Which is why they both need better agents: mix it up guys. Challenge yourselves.

Unless the pay is good, in which case, coast.

Song: "The Ballad of Jimmy McCabe"
Artist: Paul Wellers

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