Saturday, January 7, 2017

Song of the Day: "Adult Contempt"

Those of you who've managed to pick up on any consistent theme in my musical tastes (not being able to finish a thought is not about my musical tastes) probably know about my affection for complicated rhythms. I don't know if this counts as math rock, but I do know I'm digging this.

Into It. Over It. is a dude (not a band), but it's not a side project for a dude in a band. Standards, the third studio album, was produced by John Vanderslice who is a big proponent of analog recording and has worked with a shit ton of peeps I like that I learned about in the last 10 years. So remember that name, maybe give it the next time you're waiting for a table at Olive Garden... you never know what will work.

Song: "Adult Contempt"
Artist: Into It. Over It.

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