Thursday, January 26, 2017

R.I.P. Mary Tyler Moore

She has a worthy legacy as one of the most beloved women of television of ever, EVER. As Laura Petrie and as Mary Richards, the work, her presence, is completely charming and seemingly effortless. Comedy is hard; she never seems like she's acting.

Contrast her with Cybill Shephard - painful right?

Among the annals of bad timing is the fact that her astounding turn in Ordinary People, as a suburban mother grieving the loss of a son and the attempted suicide of her other son, which manifests in a character that on the surface plays like a cold, brittle bitch--a performance that in many other years would have been a slam dunk for an Oscar--came the same year as Sissy Spacek's uncanny and flawless work in A Coal Miner's Daughter.

It surprises me that she didn't capitalize on the acclaim of this performance, settling quickly into a few TV roles.

She was genuinely Oscar worthy again, 20+ years later, as Ben Stiller's adopted mother in Flirting With Disaster. So fucking brilliant.

She has 7 Emmys: 2 from The Dick Van Dyke Show, 4 from The Mary Tyler Moore Show, and 1 for the made for TV movie Stolen Babies. She also has 2 Tony Awards: as producer of the 1985 revival of Joe Egg (nee A Day in the Death of Joe Egg) she won Best Revival of a Play or Musical (Stockard Channing won Best Actress in a Play). She received a Special Award Tony for her performance in Whose Life Is It Anyway (I'm not sure this would count toward full EGOT but she has the other which totally does).

Rest in peace dude.

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