Saturday, December 10, 2016

Finally, Respect

The Rogue One premiere party celebrate the 15 year anniversary of my meeting the original queen of my life.

Song of the Day: "Show Me"

Neil Young released two new albums in 2016.

Song: "Show Me"
Artist: Neil Young

Friday, December 9, 2016

Seasonal Selections: A Very Frightened Rabbit Christmas

I love Frightened Rabbit. I've only managed to see them live once--it required a drive to Eugene, but the show was solid (Clark enthused about the percussion and singer Scott Hutchison acknowledged that the band likes Portland so much that they tend to have too much fun to put on good shows there). The after concert evening didn't include sex with UO frat boys, but I guess wanting it all can seem selfish.

The first seasonal selection from the boys is "She Screams Christmas," their 2012 Christmas song.
You don't love me, at least not that I know of.
You never talk to me so how am I supposed to know, love?

The second seasonal selection is a demo version of "Boxing Night" from the State Hospital EP. Boxing Day, is of course, a seasonal thing.
This is boxing night
Someone lost an eye
I fear I’ve lost the last drop
Of whatever kept me awake, alive

And we conclude with a trip back to 2007's "It's Christmas So We'll Stop"
So forget the names
I called you on Christmas Eve
In fact forget the entire year

Ho fucking ho.

Song of the Day: "Death is Not Enough"

I should figure out when the Pretenders concert is. I'd hate to miss it.

Song: "Death is Not Enough"
Artist: The Pretenders

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Song of the Day: "Penthouse Floor"

John Legend is perfectly fine. He's this generation's Lionel Richie (shhhh, that's not technically an insult)--winning an Oscar for a song I don't really think deserved an Oscar just helps makes that case.

Song: "Penthouse Floor"
Artist: John Legend/Chance the Rapper

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Song of the Day: "Celebrate"

My year-end tradition of listening through various "best of" albums can be very rewarding. Exhibit A.

Song: "Celebrate"
Artist: Anderson .Paak

Song of the Day: "Just Your Fool"

A new Rolling Stones album means a possible chance to see the band live as part of the living legends list thing (the "still-living" legends, I guess). It also means a whole bunch of blues music... hmmm.

Song: "Just Your Fool"
Artist: Rolling Stones

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Two Mirrors, One Joke

I'm sure I'm not the only person who had a crush on Rob the 
dentist from the Oral-B ad.

I think this is a bit more meme-friendly.

Now With Branded Memes!

Song of the Day: "Vicious Wishes"

This was what I meant to do and god damn it is teh aweSUM too.

Song: "Vicious Wishes"
Artist; Pageantry

Monday, December 5, 2016

What You Know About Chislic May Surprise Me

Adventures in Retailing: Evian vs. Gold

While the prices for the 6-packs are within the realm of "you'd pay this per bottle at a Regal Cinemas or the airport" pricing, the single bottle for more than $100 verges on sports arena pricing. Which seems strange for Walmart...

For now gold is more expensive.

Something Good From 2016: Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life

This year has been amazingly awful for me. I won't bother to enumerate, nor will I pretend there aren't still 3+ weeks to go. But I talked to a non-TV friend (commence eye rolls) over the weekend and I mentioned watching Gilmore Girls as a post-election cocoon and how fortunate it was that we got 6 more hours of the show as a sweet postscript to the series, about a decade after its conclusion.

Side note: The Apprentice began after the first couple of seasons of GG and became sufficiently part of pop culture that I thought it would make for an excellent season-long series of jokes to have Paris compete on the show (or a knock-off). After this past October, I'm even more sure that was a brilliant idea and that I am (was and will remain) a genius.

Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life does not assuage much of the shit storm (on-going) of 2016 (fuck, it isn't even a fair trade for losing Alan Rickman), but I think it's probably good for me to try to find something like a silver lining where I can. It is so much more than a sentimental "Rory's getting married" reunion movie (spoiler alert: she's not) a la the Bradys or some Facts of Life-type holiday special where everyone's back but Jo. Actually, GG gives us a double dose of Jo, in giving more visibility to its female mechanic (but shhh, spoilers).

With the remarkable fourth season of Arrested Development in 2013 (a dizzying spirograph of a story that would never have made it to network TV); excellent comics-to-screen adaptations of Daredevil, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage; and one of the year's other strange high points for me, Bojack Horseman, Netflix has become a source for really inspired, complicated works. Also they have a new Full House.

Here's what I loved about the reunion (and keep in mind that I apparently fizzled out before the final season since I didn't know Christopher and Lorelai got married in France):
  • Paris, easily one of the best characters on the show and one I expected to be back without question, was back and as Paris-y as ever, even if her whole raison d'etre seemed flimsy, stupid even. Still, in enumerating how she came to be in her place in the world, they described Paris perfectly. Actually, it doesn't hold up to scrutiny so don't think too hard about her finishing law school, medical school, having 2 children and starting a successful business in a mere 9 years. They did miss an opportunity to have at least one of those post-grad degrees be from Harvard, thus restoring the Gellar legacy. And yes, I know her last name. 
  • Doyle, exactly as Paris, just a bit less on the extent.
  • Kirk, he is annoying as fuck but once you embrace the trope, "a film by Kirk" is fucking great.
  • Taylor, and the whole gay innuendo at the town meeting. Also having a town meeting. 
  • Emily, although I'm not sure I liked how the character's story played out, I'll admit that her clash with Lorelai over the funeral story was so perfect that nothing else really mattered for me.
  • Luke and Dean, they really weren't all that three-dimensional on the show, but they looked good in flannel, so continuing that seemed fine here. Actually, I thought Dean and Sookie having short, simple scenes with their primary costars worked really well. I'm happy with a few minutes of simplicity and great acting (not that I don't love Paris, but c'mon). “You taught me what safe feels like” is some really nice dialog.
  • Paul Anka and Paul Anka, obviously.
  • Louise Goffin, Carole King's daughter and the other singer on the show's theme song, as the rouge troubador. It made me wish Sam Phillips had made an appearance (did she ever? [she was in 2006's "Partings"; one of the town's many would-be troubadors flocking to Stars Hollow to fill the void]... she was also Katya in one of the unnecessary Die Hard movies).
  • Jess, and the role he played in one of the key Rory plotlines (as opposed to the speculative role he played). It maps to how he motivated her back to Yale. BG John once asked me if I was Team Dean or Team Jess (before there was even a Team Logan) and I remember being torn. For some reason the way things played out for Rory with Dean around season 4 or 5 was both surprising and comforting (probably because she's white [which everyone in the cast is, aside from the one plus the Asians]--had she been played by Eva Mendes I'd probably have characterized it as ghetto even though Eva Mendes is probably from a much nicer neighborhood that the perfectly nice white subdivision in Lawrenceville where I spent my high school and college years... wait, is Eva Mendes white?). 
  • Mr. Kim, because I think we all assumed he was deceased.
I didn't miss Max Medina (because I never liked Max Medina), and I thought Jason and Christopher were given suitable presence respectively. While I was mostly #TeamChristopher (and partially #TeamDigger), “You let her do it” was a fair summary. It's the awkward, unsettled moments of the show that always felt real. I missed Dave Ragowski and am still not sure whether that was actually Tristan.
But the show failed Lane. She deserves more. So much more. She deserves what Paris got--both in terms of the size of the role and in giving the character some success beyond the dead end she'd been written into. Hell, have her running the town instead of Taylor or something.

In addition to the Paris storyline, I thought the musical subplot and the Wild subplot were both triffles (the musical was filler better spent showing Lane's awesome life; Wild just seems silly given Lorelai, although that was the point so never mind). That they included so many actors from Parenthood in that part of the segments was fucking awesome.

I was trying to explain the show to the non-TV person and I was able to double down on convincing her when I pointed out that the penultimate scene in the show's finale was played out to the Mighty Lemon Drops' "Inside Out"... cause fuck yeah!

I read something today that suggested that Rory was foreshadowing the ending when she asked Christopher about letting Lorelai raise her alone. Before I read that I would have guessed Jess but under scrutiny there's no reason why I should think that. But it does confirm #TeamJess for me. If Logan is Christopher and Jess the Luke proxy it's kinda perfect and I'm not sure I want that. I want Emily letting her maid (HER MAID) and extended family live with her at the Vagina Shack while she harpoons whales because you don't see that coming.

If this year has taught me anything, it's that you do not see shit coming.

Song of the Day: "Pageantry"

The funniest aspect of this was that I wasn't even and then it turned out to be bad ass and so it stays.

Song: "Pageantry"
Artist: Limes

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Song of the Day: "Water"

You ever have one of those days where you stop what you're doing and realize you can't even afford to buy bullets to pull the trigger? Me neither.

Song: "Water"
Artist: Ra Ra Riot