Friday, July 22, 2016

This Makes Total Sense: Trump The Number Edition

Why wouldn't the man who has the best words also have numbers? Of course he has numbers (thanks Jones)!!!
"[I]f I went to Pennsylvania, I say, 'Give me the statistics on what is going on with respect to manufacturing.' Numbers — 45, 55, 65, I have states that are so bad. New England. Look at New England, what happened."--Donald Trump via New York Times
 Note: while 45, 55 and 65 are, in fact, numbers, New England is not an actual state.

Song of the Day: "Grand Canyon"

I thought for sure this was a new single from Brandi Carlisle. It has all qualities that make me love "Where Is Your Heart" -- seriously, compare.

Song: "Grand Canyon"
Artist: The Wind and the Wave

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Song of the Day: "Everything It Takes"

It's been a confusing, frustrating, complicated year. I'm finding a surprising amount of comfort in this new (recently new) song from Loretta Lynn; Elvis Costello provides the backing vocals.

Song: "Everything It Takes"
Artist: Loretta Lynn

Monday, July 18, 2016

Song Of The Day: "Lake By The Ocean"

Please don't confuse Maxwell's new album blackSUMMERS’night with his album BLACKsummers'night, cause they are completely different albums.

Song: "Lake By The Ocean"
Artist: Maxwell

What An Empty Stool Tells Us About Ourselves

Four years ago, in a celebration of people doing things by themselves (held in a convention center built by union workers, through massive municipal bonds and owned by a partnership of the city of Tampa Bay and Hillsborough county, you know, entrepreneurs)—which is kind of interesting because I always thought nothing could happen without God—the coronation of all things Mittens put on the stage its most thoughtful presentation: Clint Eastwood chatting with an empty stool.

Photo via New Yorker
It was confusing for many people, primarily because Eastwood ignored one of the fundamental rules of show business: never work with children or animals. That rule is shortened from "never work with children or animals or furniture or other inanimate objects which are cuter or smarter or more insightful or better looking, more talented, less senile or otherwise will make you look like a rotting shell of a wretched person" and it exists for a reason.

"If somebody’s dumb enough to ask me to say something, they’re gonna have to take what they can get."--Clint Eastwood
"Now you tell us."--Republican National Convention Speakers Committee 
By chatting with an empty chair, Eastwood perpetuated a long-standing tradition among Americans of only listening to things they know will tell them what they want to hear. It's why Stacey Dash is the voice of black people on FOX News (because FOX News viewers want to hear that black people are lazy and irresponsible and since Dash is black, it's not racist to have that reaffirmed).

Here are some alternatives to the empty stool future speakers committees might leverage:

A hand mirror: no concerns that you'll be confronted by someone who isn't like you when all you'll see is someone so much like you that it's actually you!!!

Bonus: diverse groups can share the hand mirror and be guaranteed to maintain comfort!

Yourself from 15 to 30 years ago: it lacks the immediacy of the hand mirror, but there's no denying that you 15 to 30 years ago was the best version of you there was (unless you've had a near-death experience and cleaned up your act).

You won't be confronted by someone who isn't like you and you'll be reminded that making America great again means making YOU great again (even if it doesn't).

The echo of your own voice: surrounding yourself with other people, no matter how similar, always introduces the risk that you'll hear something that challenges your preconceived knowledge of the facts. Worse, it could come in a voice that's... other... not of your racial, ethnic, socio-economic upbringing and/or not your gender. 

While any difference would give you enough reason to ignore what was said, by listening only to the sound of your own voice, you won't be confronted by anything different and you'll always agree with what it has to say!!!

America, don't risk new ideas, stick with what you know!

Oh, it's worth mentioning that this is what inspired Eastwood's speech..

L.A.'s fine, the sun shines most the time
And the feeling is "lay back"
Palm trees grow and rents are low
But you know I keep thinkin' about
Making my way back
Well I'm New York City born and raised
But nowadays,
I'm lost between two shores
L.A.'s fine, but it ain't home
New York's home,
But it ain't mine no more
"I am"... I said
To no one there
And no one heard at all
Not even the chair
"I am"... I cried "I am"... said I
And I am lost and I can't
Even say why
Leavin' me lonely still
Did you ever read about a frog
Who dreamed of bein' a king
And then became one
Well except for the names
And a few other changes
If you talk about me
The story's the same one
But I got an emptiness deep inside
And I've tried
But it won't let me go
And I'm not a man who likes to swear
But I never cared
For the sound of being alone
"I am"... I said
To no one there
And no one heard at all
Not even the chair
"I am"... I cried
"I am"... said I
And I am lost and I can't
Even say why
"I am"... I said
"I am"... I cried
"I am"... I said