Thursday, January 21, 2016

Various Funny Shit

© rjones 2016
America, it's the greatest place of ever, EVER.

Sure, we got that way in large part because of slavery and genocide, but whatever. We have pizza AND fireworks AND awesome highways where you can drive real fast. And tractor pulls. The fastest food.  

But now that we're in the club house maybe it's time to pull up that rope ladder. We may celebrate how fucking amazing this place is and talk about how awesome it was that our great grandthis or great great other thing came here on a ship from some place with the tyranny or plague or general disdain for letting ones freak flag fly. 

Freedom and opportunity are all well and good provided they look and sound exactly like me. And maybe we're running low on both--we need to save some for my future grand kids. I don't want to risk us running out before my Brice or Sussanne make their way in the world. My Brice and Sussanne are special and deserve freedom and opportunity. Certainly more than Eduardo or Sonia or Tran. Such colorful names.

We should take away one of the most important aspects of our country's greatness to ensure my personal needs are met. And then, as the country dissolves we can conveniently blame the black dude for ruining everything. Black dudes: they're always ruining everything.

Sarah Palin endorsed Donald Trump in the Iowa Primary.

And she blamed her son's recent arrest on Obama because "black dudes: they're always ruining everything."

I just finished watching Jessica Jones on Netflix. Loved it. But then what would you expect? She's a Jones. And she was the B in Apartment 23 which I fucking loved. I'm hoping they can get Vanderjames to be a villain next season. And Mike Colter as Luke Cage was pretty bad ass. That's one black dude that didn't ruin something!

Kilgrave controls people with the power of suggestion. He's a walking, talking Jedi Mind Trick with a bitchy attitude. I amuse myself!

Difficult People on Hulu

And finally, Difficult People, a show I like more than it deserves, shared that. Amusing. But it should be a lot better.

And that's despite the absence of any black dudes. So what's up with that?