Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Song of the Day: "I Need You"

This fucking year. Nick Cave is also enduring a brutal 2016. While recording Skeleton Tree, the 16th album for the Bad Seeds (or Nick Cave)--which was being filmed for a documentary, by the way--Cave's 15-year old son fell from a cliff and died.

Cave's learning the tragic news is preserved on film because how else can you intensify the anguish of losing a child?

The heartbreak got folded into the album, because how else can you make a Nick Cave album darker?

And it's received a ton of acclaim (which I don't think is a pity party), which is why I'm even listening to it (end of the year best albums list).

It's tempting to evaluate "Skeleton Tree" as an album about not only the cycle of loss, but mostly about a kind of numb acceptance. And now, what's left? Is life now pointless? Forever gutted of all dreams and possibility?--Chicago Tribune

Seriously, that spoke to me. Numb acceptance, ask for it by name.

A parent losing a child seems to be a motif (spoiler alert?) these days and it's one of the few things my mother explicitly forbids me/us (my sisters and, I'm guessing, the nephews, etc.) from doing.

Putting plastic flowers on her headstone is another thing she forbade--we're having her cremated to work around this one (no headstone).

There's only so much I can do. Also maybe she needs to hurry up to save us all a little hassle. Oh god that is exceptionally dark. Thank god no one reads this.

Song: "I Need You"
Artist: Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

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