Thursday, December 15, 2016

Seasonal Selections: The Ref

I was excited to see The Ref when it opened and was surprised it wasn't a bigger hit. At the very least they should have released it near Christmas and worked the Hollywood Foreign Press for some Golden Globe attention. The movie's cast includes Oscar, Emmy and Tony-winning actors, and Denis Leary.

The Ref

It's a Christmas movie the same way Die Hard is a Christmas movie; which is to say it's a Christmas movie.

At the time Kevin Spacey was not well known, but he was on my radar after he rocked Glengarry Glen Ross (okay, Alec Baldwin rocked it, Spacey just bested Jack Lemmon, Al Pacino, Ed Harris and other fine actors). Judy Davis had just lost an Oscar to Marisa Tomei (her second loss) but not yet picked up any of her Emmys. They are both fantastic actors and watching them spar is a gift no matter what the season.

Glynis Johns, Christine Baranski, BD Simmons and JK Wong are just icing on the cake. And Denis Leary is in the movie as well.

Ho ho, you hoes.

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