Tuesday, November 22, 2016

The Country Spent a Billion Dollars on an Election...

...and all I got was an even shittier attitude; fresh contempt for many of my friends, family, and colleagues; and a mother-fucking con artist/liar/idiot as my President for the next 4 years.

Should mother-fucking be hyphenated?


The experienced, savvy candidate received more than twice the donations as the novice. She also received more votes than the novice (2.6% more than his vote total), but she failed to adequately account for the Electoral College and was soundly defeated (if Michigan goes in Trump's column he will receive 31% more electoral college votes than she does).

Because Americans are emotional, reactionary, stupid, many of those who lost feel betrayed by the Electoral College (a system that's been in place since the Constitution was ratified in 1787). Some are pushing for an unprecedented usurping of the legal framework that defines the peaceful transition of power in this country. Those same people were outraged weeks earlier when Trump refused to declare that he would accept the results of the not-yet-held election.

It seemed perfectly reasonable to me that he didn't declare acceptance prior to results. If the results had shown 52 billion votes for Clinton and 900 million for Trump things obviously would have been bullshit. You can't tell if something's rigged until you've checked for rigging... probably.

Is anyone questioning how the experienced, savvy candidate failed while outspending the con artist/idiot/liar? Is anyone asking what other outrageously unprepared but well-known potential candidates there are to run against him in 2020? Tom Hanks? Oprah? Eddie, the dog from Frasier?!!! That's insane, Moose, the dog that played Eddie passed away 10 years ago. He wouldn't have nearly the requisite Twitter following to make him viable.

Now we're back to our standard partisan bullshit rhetoric. America, fuck yeah! 

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