Saturday, November 12, 2016

So Many People, So Much Stupidity

Less than two days after Donald Trump stunned the world and defeated Hillary Clinton in the presidential race, the new president-elect is proving that his entire campaign was a massive con job meant to rile up just enough voters to win a general election.
Prior to Tuesday’s vote, Trump promised that – if he won – he would immediately instruct his attorney general to “look into [Hillary Clinton’s email] situation,” adding that the former Secretary of State would “be in jail” if he were president.
He repeatedly implied that Clinton should be taken care of through violent means, whether it’s “Second Amendment people” rising up against her or her bodyguards disarming so we could “see what happens to her.”
Once the results of Tuesday’s election came in, though, Trump said the country owes Clinton a “major debt of gratitude for her service to our country.”
Lock her up, lock her up? Nope, not anymore.--Sean Colarossi at PoliticsUSA
Oh for fuck's sake.

Donald Trump does not have an Attorney General yet.

It's only been 3 days. Regardless of how many things he flip-flopped on, he can always flip-flop back.

He's always said a lot of shit, why was anyone expecting it to stop now?

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