Friday, October 7, 2016

Hurricane Mattmers, Some Aftermathy Stuff

The Daytona Speedway flooded
(or did it?! [it did])
If a tree falls in Ormond Beach and it
doesn't hit my mom's stuff, does anybody care?
My dad lost his boat (see above, missing!)
My  parents live about 30 miles apart--both within 5 miles of the ocean--on either side of Daytona Beach. If you don't already know this about me, well, I'm a bit disappointed.

Hurricane Matthew heading directly for my parents
In  the days leading up to Hurricane Matthew's (renamed Mattmer in honor of my nephew Matthew who will forever be Mattmers) run up the Florida coast, I talked to people in Florida and South Carolina who were evacuating. It never occurred to me that my parents (would/could/should) also evacuate.

Exhibit P
My parents each had different reasons which totally made sense to me (it's why I lovingly call them Exhibit A and Exhibit B, since I figure at some point I will need to explain my behavior to a jury and there's a good chance they'll be part of that).

"Join teeming throngs of Floridians in traffic and at a Valdosta Travelodge" or "Avoid Donald Trump yard signs that become deadly projectiles in 120+ mph winds and I don't have to leave my yard"
That's easy; those towels are awful.

I should add that the reasons make sense to me now but probably wouldn't have 10 years ago or if I had small children living with me.

The power is out at both of their houses. So they won't know how many times I've tried to reach them (like a billion).

Since I can sleep through lots of shit I probably would only have been fine there, possibly annoyed if I didn't have something to power my CPAP. So they're lucky I'm not there with them, because it would suck to have no power in the chaotic weather and your house guest is catching up on his naps.

At least here my naps aren't all up in their respective grills. They've had separate grills for 30 years now.

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