Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Song of the Day: "Freedun"

I should have put "Paper Planes" on my Clark Memorial Playlist. I guess I still can. It's a list of songs I associate with him for one reason or another. He was very excited to tell me about that song about a year after I posted it here. He was early on a lot of things (The Band Perry, that Creed song from a few Christmas mornings ago), just not M.I.A.

I heard that this will be her final album. Or "final" album.

Possibly that means M.I.A. and she's pulling a John Cougar or Cat Stevens on us.

Possibly that means everything.

I think the former. With the possibility that she comes out of retirement in 7 years as the next likely scenario.

Song: "Freedun"
Artist: M.I.A./Zayn

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