Sunday, September 11, 2016

Happy Anniversary, Part 2

Today is also the __-year anniversary of the attack on the ________ in Benghazi which is in ______________ (a country).

Many Americans are furious about this event. You might be one of them. Are you...?
A) Disgusted at how _____________ (a person) went on Sunday morning "pundits, government officials, candidates and other people with nothing to do on a Sunday morning, and none of whom are under oath, all talking over each other" news show and lied about the events, ascribing motivations to some shitty movie on YouTube
B) Saddened by the knowledge that Hillary Clinton personally ordered NATO, the Super Friends and the Transformers all to stand down, saying "fuck them, this will never hurt my election chances, Jeb Bush won't stand a chance against me"
C) Angry that Barrack HUSSEIN Obama has never said the words _______ ________ in talking about all the terrorisms terrorizing the America
D) Just interested in accountability, possibly for the only time ever with respect to the government; hold someone responsible for the loss of ______ American lives
E) Hating anyone who insults this country by taking a knee during the ___________
F) All of the above
G) Some of the above (doesn't matter which)
H) None of the above
I) Something else
J) Reserve the right to decide at a later time because obviously Crooked Hillary did something wrong and even though millions have been spent on 7 Benghazi investigations by Congress showing no smoking gun, there's probably something somewhere, maybe in those deleted emails, she deleted those emails from her private server ergo she's a traitor, lock her up

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