Sunday, June 19, 2016

Time For Another Sugarbaker

Time sure flies: can you believe it's been nearly 4 years since the last time I awarded the Sugarbaker Award? It's previous names were the Sugarbaker Award for Southern Women and the Sugarbaker Award for Strong Women, and even though it's going to a strong southern woman, it needn't be limited in the future. Speak up and you too might be a recipient.

Today's award goes to Betsy Phillips, a writer in Tennessee for a post she made at Nashville Scene calling out state politicians with anti-gay records for their "thoughts and prayers" after last weekend's shooting in Orlando: "Don't Pray for People You Don't Love. It's Insulting."
"Are your LGBT constituents supposed to feels safe, when a guy who 'disagreed' with their "lifestyle" just murdered fifty people, that another guy who 'disagrees' with their 'lifestyle' is handing out the same fucking gun to his friends?"
So Tennessee picks up the third Sugarbaker. Your move, rest of the world.

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